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Plumbing Replacement and Installation

When the plumbing fixtures in your home need updated or upgraded, OutToday can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and professionally in much less time than you’d imagine. Our plumbing services go far beyond simple plumbing repair. Our plumbers are familiar with the best installation procedures for nearly every major brand of residential appliance as well as being able to repair or replace pipes and plumbing systems. They can also assess your current system and recommend upgrades, updates, or fixture installations. Each staff member prides themselves on fast, friendly, professional service and providing the highest quality work possible.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Even a slowly dripping faucet or one that doesn’t function efficiently can lead to higher water bills. Don’t let damaged faucets cost you money that could be better spent elsewhere. Updating faucets and fixtures can eliminate the risks for lead and prevent future water damage to your home. Upgrading out of date fixtures such as faucets, bathtub fixtures, and toilets can also increase the value of your home. OutToday can install or upgrade your kitchen and bathroom fixtures, increasing your home’s value and energy efficiency at the same time.

Water Softeners

Hard water can lead to those unsightly stains that are so hard to clean from your bathtub, but it can also cause unseen problems. Hard water scale can slowly build up in your faucets and other fixtures and damage them over time, leading to expensive plumbing repairs. It not only leads to uneven flow from shower heads and faucets, but it can drastically shorten their life span. With a quality water softener installed by a local Kirkland, WA plumber, hard water problems will become a thing of the past.

Appliance Installation

If you are considering the addition or replacement of a washing machine, dishwasher, or garbage disposal, the task can seem somewhat daunting. Instructions included with appliances tend to be less than helpful and you may find yourself at a loss. The plumbing team at OutToday is experienced with the standard installation of many popular brands of appliances and can integrate them seamlessly into your existing plumbing system. Forget about trying to interpret hard to read directions and let us handle the headaches for you.


Proper ventilation for the combustion appliances in your home is critical for the safety of your home and family. Our plumbing professionals are knowledgeable in the installation of effect and safe direct, outdoor venting for your exhaust fans, heating units, water heaters, stoves, and more. Keep your home safe and comfortable for you and your family by having your venting system inspected and repaired or replaced today.

These are just a few of the plumbing services that OutToday offers to Kirkland and the surrounding areas. When it comes to plumbing repair and installation, we feel that there is nothing we can’t do. Don’t let an old, outdated plumbing system or appliances cost your money and lower the value of your home. OutToday is always available for estimates as well as inspections, give us a call today.