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  • Panel & Meters
  • Gentran Installations
  • Hot Tub Installations
  • Home Inspections
  • Mobile Home Hook-Ups
  • 220 Circuits for Appliances
  • Paddle Fan Installations
  • Computer Circuits
  • Fluorescent Ballast Changes
  • Motor Equipment Wiring
  • 220/480 Circuits
  • Expert Troubleshooting
  • Mager/Ohm Resistance Testing
  • Thermal Testing


With Out Today’s thermal measuring devices our trained technicians can locate potential hazards or problems before they arise. By taking temperature readings from your electrical panel’s components our technicians can determine if preventive maintenance is required to prevent larger and more expensive problems later on.


Many technicians may not have adequate training, and may merely replace parts until the problem is fixed. A qualified technician will instead quickly use his training to find and diagnosis the problem, allowing him to give an accurate price before any work is performed.

Out Today uses only properly trained, drug-free technicians with clean backgrounds to ensure that your installation or repair is up to local and national code requirements. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you are not satisfied with your installation or service repair we will do the job again to your satisfaction for free.


Do you own a generator? The 2002 National Electrical Code mandates that a transfer device be installed with all standby power systems. During a power outage, a transfer switch safely isolates those circuits using generator power from the rest of the house, so the danger of backfeeding the electrical utility is eliminated. A transfer switch makes using your generator more SAFE, flexible and convenient.

In the harsh Northwest climate power outages are assured. Maybe it’s time you invested in a standby power system for your home or business.


Each year, sophisticated buyers all across the country hire home inspectors to give them a clearer understanding of the condition of the home they are buying. Home buyers cannot afford to buy a home with multiple unknown problems. Today, buyers are making their decision with greater peace of mind thanks to electrical inspections provided by Out Today.

Because buying a home is the largest investment you will make in your lifetime, the cost of an inspection is a very small investment that will pay for itself over and over again. An inspection of your home will provide you with a detailed written report on the present condition of your electrical system. Our technicians will open panels, check exposed wiring, lights, receptacles, switches, safety hazards, code violations, and ground connections.


Having a hot tub is like having a year-round vacation right in your own backyard. It’s a place to escape the cares of the day and spend some quiet time alone or with people you love.

With friends and family using your hot tub you want to be sure it’s installed correctly. By having a trained, drug-free and background checked electrician install your hot tub you are assured that it meets local and national code requirements. Enjoy your hot tub with comfort and the knowledge that your friends and family are SAFE from electrical hazards.


Does your home still have an old style fuse box? Is it positioned in an area that is difficult to get to if problems arise? Does it have exposed cables, which could be potentially dangerous?

Upgrading your existing service panel or fuse box is a wise decision. The latest generation of fuse boxes are safe, easy to use and can be located in the most convenient position for you. Extra protection is incorporated in the latest equipment in the form of circuit breakers. These circuit breakers protect every circuit in the house with sensitive devices that respond quickly if there’s a fault, cutting off to stop the current and preventing the risk of any danger. Most older homes did not take into consideration today’s modern appliances. Overloading circuits in an under sized panel can cause fires.

Here are some of the reasons to upgrade:

  • Reduce the chance of an electrical fire
  • Eliminate the need to replace fuses
  • Ability to add additional circuits in the future
  • Increase your home’s resale value

Have a licensed electrical contractor install your electrical system, don’t compromise on safety.