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6 things you need to know before you purchase a new furnace


My Furnace died in the middle of the night. The techs from OutToday showed up the next morning and used a machine to check the inside of my furnace. I was able to see on the screen of the machine that my furnace was cracked and possibly leaking poisonous gases into my family home. I was so glad the had an infrared camera that could see inside my furnace. I had them put a new one in it was done the same day.

Bruce Norris

I was completely happy with the service I received from OutToday Plumbing in Bellevue. They were extremely friendly, responded quickly to my call, and fixed the problem much faster than I anticipated. Without a doubt, I will call them again next time I have a plumbing issue.

James Portune

I’ve used them twice now for drain cleanouts (main and kitchen branch) in a rental unit, and they always do a great job. On time, clean, fast (taking into account known problems with the plumbing), and the price was right. Seriously- they were ~1/6 the price of what one of the local, family-run plumbing/electrical places wanted to charge. I just about choked on the other quote!

Robert Swanson

This is the second time I have used this company I love the quick service. Erin was a true professional replaced my electrical panel in one day.

Bill Boudwin

Air Conditioning

With summer fast approaching, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your air conditioning system is in good working order. Nothing is more frustrating than having your air conditioner malfunction on a sweltering summer day and the last thing you want to hear is that you are on a waiting list for repairs. At OutToday, we know how important a comfortable home is and we will have a technician at your home the same day. Our technicians know that as the temperature increases, your patience can rapidly diminish and will work to have your system up and running as soon as possible. Air conditioning repairs don’t have to be stressful. While no one ever wants to have to call an AC repair service, our technicians travel with fully stocked service vehicles so they have everything needed for fast repairs right on hand.

New Installations

Although repairs play a large part of our service techs day, they aren’t the only air conditioning service that OutToday offers. Even the most reliable air conditioner will reach a point where it’s simply time for a replacement. When your old system isn’t running efficiently or is costing more each year in repairs, it may be time to install a new system. A new air conditioner will not only save you money in repairs, but it will run more efficiently and save you money in energy bills as well. OutToday is experienced in the installation of most major brands of air conditioning systems, whether you choose a window unit or central air. OutToday knows how much your rely on your air conditioning system during the summer months and you can rely on us to ensure that your home is cool and comfortable.

AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your system doesn’t break down, operates at peak efficiency, and that your warranty remains valid. You often don’t realize what a difference it makes until you notice the difference in energy bills. Arranging a routine maintenance schedule for your air conditioning system will not only keep the system at peak performance, but will save you money as well. By maintaining, or even increasing, the efficiency of your system, your home can be more comfortable than ever while energy bills decrease. Whether you simply need a one- time maintenance visit, such as a thorough cleaning or want to schedule recurring visits, OutToday can work out a schedule to suit your needs.

When it comes to something as important as the comfort of your home, calling just any repair service can be a huge mistake. Our technicians are highly trained and certified in the repair and maintenance of many types of air conditioning and HVAC systems. From the smallest window unit to central air systems, they are well versed in most major brands of air conditioning systems. They can arrive at your home, assess the problem, and make any repairs necessarily in a friendly, fast, and efficient manner. Our motto is “We’ll be OutToday, or you don’t pay” and we’ll stand behind our word every step of the way to keep your home cool and comfortable this summer.