Heating Bellevue & Seattle WA

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Heating & Furnace Tune-Ups Services

All furnace tune-ups include a standard furnace clean and filter replacement or clean. Moreover, all furnaces 10 years or older will also receive an examination of the heat exchanger. In that case, we are using specialized infrared cameras and a heat exchanger water integrity test.

Why Should I Get A Heating & Furnace Tune-Up

In fact, all furnace manufacturers recommend that the furnace be cleaned annually. Moreover, well-maintained furnaces are more efficient and cost less to operate. Well-maintained furnaces surely are less likely to break down and require emergency repairs. Identify stress points in the heat exchanger before it cracks and releases carbon monoxide into the home.

Detect Problems Before They Become Problems

To point out, our Seattle heating technicians use specialized furnace inspection cameras. Moreover, they use high-resolution infrared technology to identify corrosion in the heat exchanger of your furnace. They also are doing it before a catastrophic failure, which results in carbon monoxide being pumped into your home. Therefore, infrared technology is the best method for examining heat exchangers since it can identify corrosion that color cameras would miss. Moreover, these cameras are also high resolution to identify even the smallest cracks that standard inspection cameras would miss.

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