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EV Charger Installation Bellevue & Seattle WA

Are you looking to upgrade your home, office, or business with an EV charging station? At OutToday, we have several years of experience in EV chargers installation in Bellevue & Seattle, WA. Our team of experts can help you choose the right EV charger for your needs and budget, as well as provide advice on proper installation and usage.

Our installation process starts with a free consultation so that we can assess your needs and determine the best course of action. During this initial meeting, we will discuss the types of chargers available and determine which one is best suited for your needs. We also review any applicable permits or local regulations that may be required for the EV home charger installation in Bellevue & Seattle, WA.

Once a plan has been agreed upon, our highly trained technicians use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure a secure and reliable charge every time.

Choose Right EV Home Charger Installation & Types of Chargers & Outputs

When planning for electric car charger installation in Bellevue & Seattle, WA, you’ll need to consider the type of charger and its output ratings. There are three main types of EV chargers available:

Level 1 Chargers - Works With Standard Home Outlet (120 Volt)

Level 1 charger are designed to be compatible with standard home outlets operating at 120 volts, making them a convenient and widely accessible option for electric vehicle (EV) owners. By opting for Level 1 EV home charger installation, you can simply plug your EV into a regular household electrical outlet using the adapter that comes with your vehicle.

While Level 1 charging is the slowest option available, it still offers notable advantages. For example, a Level 1 charger can provide a range of 4-5 miles per hour of charging for vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Although it takes approximately 22 hours to achieve a full charge, this duration is often sufficient for many drivers’ daily needs.

Level 2 Chargers - Works With 220-240 Volt Outlet (20-80 Amps)

Level 2 chargers are a more powerful option than Level 1 — they require a 220-240 volt outlet and offer a charging capacity of up to 80 amps. These types of chargers come in many forms, ranging from wall units to pedestal-mounted posts.

Level 2 chargers provide faster charging times than Level 1 units; depending on the type of EV you own, you can expect a full charge in as little as four hours with a Level 2 charger. Additionally, some EVs feature an onboard charger that works with either type of charger for maximum flexibility and convenience.

DC Fast Chargers - Works With Higher Voltage Outlets (400+ Volts)

DC fast chargers are the most powerful option available and require higher voltage outlets — typically at 400 volts or more. With this type of charger, you can get a full charge in as little as 30 minutes. However, there aren't many DC fast chargers available; they're usually limited to public charging stations and select retailers who offer them for customers' use.

No matter which type of EV charger is right for your needs, it’s important to make sure that the outlet you plan to use is compatible with the charger you purchase – otherwise, you could potentially damage both the charger and your vehicle.

If you’re not sure what kind of outlet or voltage level is needed for your specific charger model, consult a licensed electrician experienced in EV charger installation near Bellevue, WA.

Factors That Influence Electric Car Charger Installation Cost?

There are several factors that can influence the cost of electric car charger installation in Bellevue & Seattle, WA. These include:

Type Of Charger

The EV charger installation cost in Bellevue, WA can vary significantly based on the type of charger you choose. Generally, Level 1 chargers are cheaper to install than Level 2 and DC fast chargers, but they take longer to charge.

Electrician Rates

The hourly rate charged by your electrician will also be a factor in determining the total cost of installation — make sure to compare different electricians' prices before making a decision.


Your location in Bellevue, WA may also have an impact on the cost of installation; if you live in an area where it is difficult for electricians to access, you may have to pay more for installation services.

Other Materials

The cost of electrical components and other materials needed for the installation may also factor into the overall expense.

With careful planning, you can ensure that your EV charging setup is installed safely and at a reasonable cost.

Consult Us For Your EV Charger Installation in Bellevue, WA

If you’re looking for professional EV charger installation near Bellevue, WA, OutToday is here to help. Our team of licensed electricians has extensive experience with all types of chargers and can ensure that your unit is installed correctly and safely.

EV Charger Service FAQs

Yes, a qualified electrician can handle EV home charger installation whether it is a hard-wired or plug-in model. It is important to make sure the EV charger is compliant with all applicable local electrical codes. Additionally, some local utilities may also require permits and inspections before installation.
There are generally no restrictions on where you can have your electric car charger installed, however, you should always check with your local utility company first as they may have certain requirements regarding the placement of the device. Additionally, you should not place your EV charger in a location that could pose a safety risk or interfere with other electrical equipment.
No, you should never plug an EV charger into a regular socket. They require dedicated outlets that are hard-wired and meet specific safety requirements.
There is generally no maintenance required for EV chargers other than occasionally checking the charging cords for signs of wear or damage. Additionally, if you chose to install a hard-wired unit, you may need to have it inspected by a certified electrician every few years to ensure it is still compliant with local codes and standards.
A 7kW charger is capable of charging up to 40 miles of range per hour. This varies based on the type and size of your electric vehicle, as well as outside temperature and other factors.
If you notice any issues after the EV charger installation in Bellevue, WA, you should contact a qualified electrician or the manufacturer immediately for assistance. They will be able to diagnose any problems and provide advice on how best to repair them.

Contact OutToday team now to learn more and get started with your EV home charger installation in Bellevue, WA!