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6 things you need to know before you purchase a new furnace


My Furnace died in the middle of the night. The techs from OutToday showed up the next morning and used a machine to check the inside of my furnace. I was able to see on the screen of the machine that my furnace was cracked and possibly leaking poisonous gases into my family home. I was so glad the had an infrared camera that could see inside my furnace. I had them put a new one in it was done the same day.

Bruce Norris

I was completely happy with the service I received from OutToday Plumbing in Bellevue. They were extremely friendly, responded quickly to my call, and fixed the problem much faster than I anticipated. Without a doubt, I will call them again next time I have a plumbing issue.

James Portune

I’ve used them twice now for drain cleanouts (main and kitchen branch) in a rental unit, and they always do a great job. On time, clean, fast (taking into account known problems with the plumbing), and the price was right. Seriously- they were ~1/6 the price of what one of the local, family-run plumbing/electrical places wanted to charge. I just about choked on the other quote!

Robert Swanson

This is the second time I have used this company I love the quick service. Erin was a true professional replaced my electrical panel in one day.

Bill Boudwin


The heating system or furnace is not only among the most important systems in your home, but the most expensive as well. That means when it comes to repairs, inspection, or installation, you won’t want to trust just anyone. The heating professionals at OutToday are extensively trained in the repair and installation of not only furnaces, but other types of heating systems as well.

Furnace Repair

No one wants to be without heat on a chilly day. Most often there is no warning and you don’t even notice until the house begins to get colder. Sometimes however, there are signs that the furnace may not be operating properly and calling a furnace repair specialist right away can prevent the furnace from failing (usually at the worst possible moment). One of the most common signs of potential failure is any strange noise coming from the furnace or fan. Tapping, whining, or knocking noises are all signs that your furnace may be about to malfunction. The furnace repair specialists at OutToday can come to your home, diagnose the problem, and repair it before you are without heat all together.

Furnace Inspection and Cleaning

Although most homeowners don’t think much about their furnace during the summer months, the warm days seem to fly by and cold weather is here before you know it. Furnaces, as well as other types of heating systems, should be inspected yearly and having it done before cold weather sets in allows you to take care of any issues before the furnace is needed.

OutToday’s heating technicians are trained to inspect your furnace and identify potential problems before they arise. Nothing is more stressful than turning on your furnace only to find that it is malfunctioning when you need it. Let OutToday perform and inspection and cleaning so that when cold weather hits, your furnace is ready to run efficiently and safely through the winter months.

Installation or Replacement

Even the most well maintained furnace will need to be replaced eventually. Since you rely so heavily on your heating system to keep your home comfortable when the days get colder, having a new furnace installed properly is crucial. Not only can an improperly installed furnace malfunction at the worst possible time, it poses serious safety risks for you and your family. Furnaces that aren’t installed properly not only malfunction or break down, they can allow carbon monoxide to escape into the home. Nearly everyone knows the danger of high carbon monoxide levels and saving a few dollars by installing your own furnace is certainly not worth the risk.

To make sure that your furnace is running safely and at maximum efficiency, let the fast, friendly professionals at OutToday take care of all your furnace installation or replacement needs.

OutToday’s experienced service technicians are not limited to traditional furnace repairs, inspections, and installations. We are also well-versed in radiant heat, HVAC systems, baseboard heat, and nearly any other heating system that you may use. When it comes to your heating system, don’t settle for anything but the best. Call OutToday for all of your heating concerns.