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Furnace Repair

If it seems that your furnace always chooses Kirkland’s coldest weather of the year to break down, that’s because it probably does. Heating systems tend to fail in extreme weather because they are working harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. This stress is often the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” and you end up without heat. To make matters worse, you are probably one of many who need heating repairs and there may be a waiting list, particularly if it fails on a holiday or at night. While we at OutToday guarantee a same day response, there are some warning signs that your furnace may need attention. Paying attention to the warning signs that your furnace is sending you can enable you to get one of our furnace and HVAC repair experts to your home before it becomes an emergency.

Here are just a few of the signs that can indicate a problem with your furnace or HVAC system:

Noisy Operation

While very few furnaces operate without some amount of noise, if the noise seems out of the ordinary or continuously gets louder you may want to take a closer look. Often it is simply a partially broken or cracked belt that is creating the noise. While the belt is still functioning, it could break completely at any time. A whining sound could indicate ignition problems. Fixing these problems now can save huge headaches later.

Rapid Cycling

When your furnace turns on and then just as quickly turns off again, it is called rapid cycling condition. If this is something that you notice occurring and your furnace previously worked fine, it may be a problem with the wiring, the thermostat, or the ignition. Whichever it may be, a call to Outtoday now can prevent the need for emergency heating repair when the weather worsens. Since our furnace and HVAC repair technicians usually have supplies such as these on hand, the repair is often done in a very short time.

Regularly Increasing the Thermostat Setting

While it is often necessary to increase your thermostat setting to maintain a comfortable temperature during very cold weather, it shouldn’t be necessary all the time. When you find yourself raising the thermostat settings frequently or if your furnace is blowing less than warm air, it may indicate a thermostat problem or air escaping through leaky ductwork. If this happens, it is wise to call in one of our experienced furnace and HVAC repair specialist to fix the problem before it becomes too severe.

Increasing Monthly Heating Costs

Review your monthly heating bill for a few months and compare them. If there has been a steady rise in cost without any change to your thermostat settings, energy rates, or extreme weather conditions, it may indicate a problem. This is especially true if you have noticed any of the other signs that you may need furnace repair.

Heating bills make up a large portion of the monthly utility costs in most households. Making sure that your furnace or HVAC system is running properly and efficiently can save hundreds of dollars each year. OutToday can take care of all your HVAC and furnace repairs, installations, and maintenance so you can rest easy when the weather turns cold.